Grow capability
in your team
or organisation

Grow capability in your team

Workshops for teams

Empower your people to meet emergent business needs and discover the mindsets and purpose needed for sustained success.
Plato Project workshops can be combined with coaching and project work to create a tailored learning and development program.

Personal Leadership

Drive maximum personal performance through a sense of authenticity and purpose.

Self-Awareness & Resilience

Understand triggers, habits and the growth mindset to better manage adversity.

Influencing & Stakeholder Management

Design and communicate solutions that unlock genuine shared value.

Presenting With Purpose & Impact

Learn the process of influence and storytelling for effective presentations.

Human-Centred Design

Develop sustainable solutions for real people.

Creativity & Innovation

Learn process-driven techniques to solve problems effectively and creatively.

Customer Empathy & Understanding

Better understand customers, their needs and pain points.

Journey Mapping

Optimise business models for a more customer-aligned value proposition.

Leading through Change & Uncertainty

Confidently handle challenging and disruptive business environments.

Empathy & Leading High-Performing Teams

Foster a culture of excellence and self-accountability.

Critical Thinking, Decision-Making & Risk

Make well-rounded and considered decisions.

Leading Agile Teams

Create an agile work culture, enabling speed and continuous improvement.

Courses for teams

Develop deeper capability through a longer course combining workshop-based learning with project work and one-to-one coaching.

Agile Leadership

Create a culture of agility, adaptation and innovation.

Customer Experience Design

Put customers at the centre of your brand.

Mindful Leadership

Lead with empathy, authenticity and purpose.

Starting a Start-Up

Solve problems by thinking like an entrepreneur

“We had been looking for some time for a way to support our team
on a learning journey, to develop and grow both personally and professionally.
Partnering with Plato Project was an easy decision for us as the values align
so well with our own. We have been so empowered and inspired by the
content and outcomes.”

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