Starting a

Build the entrepreneurial mindset.

Starting a

Build the entrepreneurial mindset.

Explore and validate ideas for market launch

Course overview

Entrepreneurs are known for solving problems with creative, innovative ideas and very few resources. Leaders in existing organisations can learn and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, unlocking new opportunities in times of change and disruption.

Entrepreneurial thinking creates a culture of experimentation and ideation, develops grit and resilience and drives deep connection with the customer. In the era of increased competition, disruptive business models and evolving technological possibilities, the most successful organisations will be the ones who can identify emerging opportunities, rapidly develop compelling solutions and scale.

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Who this is for

> Corporates and large organisations seeking to stimulate innovation and build a culture of experimentation, customer connectivity and resilience.

> Schools, universities and other education providers wanting to build entrepreneurship capability among students, preparing them for the future of work.

> Incubators and communities of entrepreneurs in need of structured, foundational education to support new start-ups and founders.

What you'll learn

Get a business education that is useful, relevant and real.

Find purpose

Generate ideas, align them with purpose and validate them within the market. Create clarity around value proposition.

Create value

Develop a unique business model, find clear space in the market and break away from the competition.

Sell your idea

Learn entrepreneurial tactics to test initial traction and scale for growth. Pitch your idea like a founder.

The curriculum

In line with the insights and expertise of our industry partners and expert advisors, we’ve created an intensive program that provides you the support, frameworks and networks you need to simulate the establishment of a purpose-driven business from idea conception through to a final “investment” pitch to a panel of peers. You will learn from an experienced coach to learn strategies essential for the start-up journey and beyond. 

1. Foundations

Finding connection to your purpose
Idea generation and validation
Self-awareness, ‘grit’ and emotional intelligence
Ethics in entrepreneurship

2. Empathy & customer understanding

Identifying market needs and opportunities
Developing customer personas
Empathising and mapping customer empathy
Identifying customer pain points and needs

3. Business model development

Understanding the business model
Building a Business Model Canvas
Validating, feedback and pivoting
Developing a real-world prototype or MVP

4. Launching to market

Marketing approaches and strategies
Creating and maintaining strategic partnerships
Sales strategies
Branding and competitive positioning

5. Leading effectively

Start-up finance
Raising capital and pitching
Finding the right team and leading them
Developing a support network

6. Preparing for the future

Mapping the customer journey
Articulating specific goals and metrics
Creating clear action plans
Developing a forward-looking business strategy


3-day Intensive Course

A collaborative learning framework geared to the modern learner.
Human connection, online resources and highly-engaging, outcome focused everything.

12+ participants
Contextualised to your environment
Applied learning approach
Practical tools and templates
Pitch and present session

From $1250 per person

Our experts

Meet some of the brilliant and bold minds we work with.


Ben Roulston


Omar De Silva


Tathra Street

Connect with the Program Manager
(03) 9088 8011

In collaboration with

This course was proudly developed in partnership with the following industry leaders that practice, test and refine their entrepreneurial and leadership skills on the ground, in the business trenches, every day.

“Designing for outcomes is fundamental to my success as a creative
and business owner. The team at Plato Project have given me a completely
fresh perspective on what modern business needs to be to stay relevant,
successful and purpose-driven.”

Seán, Designer at Quarsh Creative