Create new value and
drive change within.


Create new value and drive change within.

Don’t be overtaken by the competition

Course overview

As the start-up economy continues to grow in impact and influence, and the increasing capability of technology and robotics reduces the chance for competitive advantage, the ability to create new value within established frameworks becomes critical for successful business.

This program is designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to identify opportunities, create new value and drive change within an established organisation.

Through this program you’ll develop your capability to identify business opportunities and utilise creative and innovative processes to solve problems and maximise the impact you, your team or your organisation can make.

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Who this is for

> Business leaders looking to develop and drive an effective innovation strategy in their business.

> Career changers looking to capitalise on the increased need for entrepreneurial and innovative thinking within the Australian and global economy.

> Entrepreneurs who want robust and outcome focussed skills to further grow their existing products and businesses.

Product Managers looking to maximise the value and competitive advantage their product portfolio offers.

What you'll learn

Get a business education that is useful, relevant and real.

Identify opportunities

Utilise strategic foresight, business model analysis and customer empathy to identify new opportunities for business growth.

Solve problems effectively

Master human-centred design and creative problem solving to effectively solve business challenges for you and your customers.

Innovate effectively

Create competitive advantage and business growth through smart, effective innovation processes that actually work.

The curriculum

In line with the insights and expertise of our industry partners and expert advisors, we’ve created an intensive program that provides you the support, frameworks and networks you need to successfully create new value and competitive advantage within your established organisation.

Across each week you’ll complete real business work with the support of experts, applying new theories and frameworks directly to your business situation so you can gain immediate outcome and value.

1. Problems, insights & pain points

Framing problem and opportunity statements
The fundamentals of effective innovation strategy
Fostering a business culture conducive of change
Utilising purpose to drive more effective innovation outcomes

2. Undertanding the customer

Ideation & solution development
Thinking creatively & testing concepts
Customer persona development
Customer empathy mapping & journey mapping

3. Coaching session

Check-in with your instructor to set your goals and objectives for the course, and to explore the class content and ask questions.

4. The wider impact of innovation

Measuring success & viability
Developing & analysing a business model
Strategic foresight & scenario planning
Understanding bias, trends & business impacts

5. Testing & refining

Implementing human-centred design approaches
Defining your Unique Selling Proposition
Developing a Minimum Viable Product
Testing assumptions, refining & pivoting

6. Coaching session

Touch base with your instructor to discuss your course progress, and to fully understand how to apply the learning materials in way that ensures successful outcomes.

7. Leadership, communication & managing change

Crafting a compelling business case
Designing effective stakeholder management strategies
Proactively addressing key barriers to success
Effectively lead the change process

8. Implemenation, launch or transition

Preparing for successful implementation
Engage and mobilise key project champions
Designing agile project plans
Effectively manage diverse project teams

9. Coaching session

Collaborate with your instructor to wrap-up the course content, and to discuss final feedback that will help you prepare for your individual project presentation.

10. Pitch & present

Present your individual project to the group, showcasing the knowledge and skills you’ve learned throughout the course.


Study your way

With our face-to-face and online study options, you can choose to complete the course to your own timeline
and with the level of support you need.


Study any time

40 hours

20+ hours online learning
Supported online learning
Practical tools, tasks & projects
3 hours one-on-one coaching

Certificate of completion



Start any time

Design your own schedule

Contextualised course for your team
On-site training to suit your needs
Blend workshops, online & coaching
Support from a dedicated tutor
Pitch and present session
Certificate of completion

Contact for pricing


Enquire about next intake

6 weeks part-time

12 hours online learning
18 hours face-to-face workshops
3 hours one-on-one coaching
Pitch and present session
Networking & invitations to events
Certificate of completion



Enquire about next intake

6 weeks part-time

12 hours online learning
18 hours face-to-face workshops
3 hours one-on-one coaching
Pitch and present session
Networking & invitations to events
Certificate of completion



Talk to an advisor

Contemporary, personalised learning

Personal development shouldn’t be a chore. Our courses use a collaborative learning framework geared to the modern learner. Human connection, online materials and highly-engaging, outcome focused everything.

Online learning

Access a range of online learning materials, including tools and templates, learning tasks and online discussion.

Interactive workshops

Facilitated workshops are where you put your learning and ideas to work. Led by a dedicated tutor, you’ll engage in guided discussion and practical exercises to apply knowledge to your own context.

One to one coaching

Coaching sessions help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. Your coach works with you to define and complete a learning project, giving feedback and support tailored to your needs.


Guy Inbar

Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur Coach and Mentor, DifferenThinking Pty Ltd

As a senior, customer-centric and agile, strategy, commercialisation, product and portfolio professional, Guy enjoys working through ambiguity to innovate, develop, deliver and manage complex digital and physical services, products and solutions. Passionate about education, coaching and mentoring, he works with, and supports teams and entrepreneurs through early-stage and high growth periods with innovative concepts, customer value proposition, market fit and product commercialisation.

In collaboration with

This course is proudly developed in partnership with the following industry leaders that practice, test and refine their entrepreneurial and leadership skills on the ground, in the business trenches, every day.

Payment options

You can pay your tuition fees upfront, or pay a $500 deposit to secure your seat. The balance is due in the first week of the course. Learn more about our Cancellation Policy.

We accept credit cards and bank transfers, and can organise for payment by invoice if your employer is funding your study.


Need help managing fee payments?

We work with Study Loans, who offer student loans to help finance your education.


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What support do I get?

Beyond a dedicated instructor and program manager you can reach out to, and a small, curated cohort you’ll move through the course with, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals that is thousands strong! Upon completion of the course, you’ll also become a part of our alumni, who receive facilitated introductions to industry, and invitations to events and networking opportunities.

What do I get by completing the course?

We provide certification that you have completed the program which you can proudly display on your resume, LinkedIn or anywhere else. However, this in our opinion is only the smallest part. By completing the program you’ll be developing a capability which will take your career further and move you closer to achieving your goals.

If you’re interested in official accreditation speak to us about our university partnerships.

How do the coaching sessions work?

Coaching sessions are arranged between the course instructor and the participant for times and dates that are mutually convenient. Coaching may take place over the phone, by video call or in person, depending on the preferences and location of each party.

The purpose of the coaching sessions is to provide personalised support, accountability and feedback to ensure you get the most out of your learning. Each coaching session will have a specific agenda focusing on your individual learning project and allowing time for questions, deeper exploration of class content and reflection on learning.

Are you an RTO or a university?

No. We have very purposefully not gone down this pathway so we can continue on focusing on the most up-to-date, industry relevant content and experiences – rather than being confined to some policies which in our opinion, don’t add value to our students.

If you’re looking for official accreditation though, please ask us about our partnerships.

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