Business Growth

Take your business to new heights.

Business Growth

Take your business to new heights.

Foster high-growth and free-time

Course overview

The reality is that the disciplines and skills required to start a business, are different from those required to build a business. High-growth is the result of two things: Inspiring and effective leadership which shifts focus, mindsets and behaviours away from incremental improvement, towards maximised, high-return targets in line with the company vision, and the ability to set plans and execute them with discipline, creativity and customer-obsession.

In this 16-week course, you will not only develop your conceptual understanding of the growth levers of business, you’ll actively work on those areas of your business that are holding you back.

We’ll provide you with the ready to implement systems, processes and templates. We’ll provide you the inspiration, motivation and education from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. And we’ll provide you with the accountability and support you need to bring it all to life.

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Who this is for

> Entrepreneurs and founders looking to take their business to the next level by achieving sustainable and purposeful growth.

> Business leaders looking to create real and enduring value, and drive the expansion of the enterprise.


> You are a small to medium business.

> You have been in business for at least two years.

> Your yearly revenue is between $250,000 and $500,000.

Note that businesses owners are encouraged to bring one to two staff along with them to attend the courses and work on the business together.

What you'll learn

Get a business education that is useful, relevant and real.

Find focus

Identify and leverage the areas of your business that will drive maximum growth.

Set direction

Design strategies and implement systems which will achieve your business goals.

Realise growth

Set plans, motivate teams and execute projects – drive your business to the next level.

The curriculum

In line with the insights and expertise of our industry partners and expert advisors, we’ve created a course that will enhance the commercial acumen and entrepreneurial expertise you will need to take your business to the next level, utilising the most effective business strategies for the modern economy.

Over 16 weeks, you’ll work on your burgeoning business, with the support of experts, applying best-practice approaches and frameworks that foster high growth and free-time, and allow you to implement systems, automate processes and think strategically.

As part of the course, you’ll engage in eight fortnightly two-day workshops, taking place on Friday and Saturday. The first day of each workshop includes a keynote presentation from one of our industry partners – successful, well-known businesses and founders, including Deliveroo, CreativeCubes.Co, DealPad, Law Squared and Naked Life Sparkling, to name a few. The second day of each workshop provides the opportunity to implement your learning and work on your business with the input and feedback from your instructor.

In between each workshop, there will be an accountability coaching call to ensure your business stays on track and to unblock any challenges you are facing.

1. Business model analysis

The only way to make giant leaps forward, is to understand where you are today. Deeply understand the business from the inside-out:

Achieve clarity in your current business model
Articulate the core strengths of your business
Understand opportunities for high-growth
Eliminate distraction and low-value products

2. Customer insights

To build a better business, one must better understand the business from the perspective of the customers. From here you can maximise the value you provide and thus the sales and profits you generate:

Clearly define your customer
Uncover meaningful customer insights
Establish product to market fit
Identify new customer value opportunities

3. Maximising business performance & designing solutions

The most successful business people and entrepreneurs all have the ability to do two things: manage short-term pressures whilst keeping an eye on the future.
Clearly articulate short and mid-term business goals
Identify critical leverage points of your business
Develop a practical and useful dashboard
Establish a strategic-planning process

4. Getting to work

We know that the most successful amongst us are those that consistently learn. However, more important is the application of these lessons.
This session is reserved for a day of solid-work, to focus on a particularly important area of your business.

5. Business acumen & financial decision making

The numbers of your business don’t lie. To be the best business person you can, understanding what your numbers mean and thus what you can do about them, is critical.
Understand crucial business finance
Maximise cash-flow for your business
Develop practical, useful budgets
Find and attract capital for growth

6. Entrepreneurial marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing, unlike more traditional methods, is focused on high-growth and high-return, with as little possible investment as possible. To master this requires both strategy and disciplined execution.
Develop high-functioning user-experience journeys
Design profitable strategic partnerships
Boost your marketing funnel and conversion rate
Leverage guerrilla and digital marketing

7. Sales

High-growth sales are the result of the right marketing, a repeatable process and good preparation.
Design a high-conversion sales process for your business
Proactively manage buying objections
Increase conversion rates at every step of the funnel
Automate customised experiences for each customer group

8. Growth-focused leadership

High-growth in business is the result of inspiring leadership. Shifting mindsets and behaviours away from incremental improvement, towards maximised, high-return targets.
Find clarity and consistency in your personal leadership
Foster a high-performance culture
Create self-starting, self-accountable teams
Develop self-awareness, authenticity and emotional intelligence


Study your way

With our face-to-face and online study options, you can choose to complete the course to yourown timeline
and with the level of support you need.


Friday 10 August 2018

16 weeks part-time

18 hours face-to-face workshops
3 hours one-on-one coaching
Online tools and templates
Pitch and present session
Networking & invitations to events
Certificate of completion



Enquire about next intake

16 weeks part-time

18 hours face-to-face workshops
3 hours one-on-one coaching
Online tools and templates
Pitch and present session
Networking & invitations to events
Certificate of completion



Start any time

Design your own schedule

Contextualised course for your team
On-site training to suit your needs
Blend workshops, online & coaching
Support from a dedicated tutor
Pitch and present session
Certificate of completion

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Talk to an advisor

Contemporary, personalised learning

Personal development shouldn’t be a chore. Our courses use a collaborative learning framework geared to the modern learner. Human connection, online materials and highly-engaging, outcome focused everything.

Interactive workshops

Fortnightly two-day workshops are where you put your learning and ideas to work. The first day of each workshop includes a keynote presentation from one of our industry partners, while the second day provides an opportunity to apply your learning to your business.

One to one coaching

In between each fortnightly workshop, there will be an accountability coaching call to ensure your business stays on track and to unblock any challenges you are facing.

Pitch and present

Present your success stories with the group, showcasing the knowledge and skills you’ve learned and applied to your business throughout the course.


Omar De Silva

Co-founder and Executive Director, Plato Project

Omar has a track record of successful venture development and investment in diverse sectors including property, professional services and education. Having been through financial ruin and depression, with continued challenges of anxiety, Omar’s success has been the result of concerted effort to operate with self-awareness, purpose and empathy.Omar now utilises his own stories and experience to help budding entrepreneurs turn their idea into a reality, and work with emerging, senior and executive leaders of organisations from around the world, with a consistent focus on authentic leadership success.

In collaboration with

This course is proudly developed in partnership with the following industry leaders that practice, test and refine their entrepreneurial and leadership skills on the ground, in the business trenches, every day.

Payment options

You can pay your tuition fees upfront, or pay a $500 deposit to secure your seat. The balance is due in the first week of the course. Learn more about our Cancellation Policy.

We accept credit cards and bank transfers, and can organise for payment by invoice if your employer is funding your study


Need help managing fee payments?

We work with Study Loans, who offer student loans to help finance your education.


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What support do I get?

Beyond a dedicated instructor and program manager you can reach out to, and a small, curated cohort you’ll move through the course with, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals that is thousands strong! Upon completion of the course, you’ll also become a part of our alumni, who receive facilitated introductions to industry, and invitations to events and networking opportunities.

What do I get by completing the course?

We provide certification that you have completed the program which you can proudly display on your resume, LinkedIn or anywhere else. However, this in our opinion is only the smallest part. By completing the program you’ll be developing a capability which will take your career further and move you closer to achieving your goals.

If you’re interested in official accreditation speak to us about our university partnerships.

How do the coaching sessions work?

Coaching sessions are arranged between the course instructor and the participant for times and dates that are mutually convenient. Coaching may take place over the phone, by video call or in person, depending on the preferences and location of each party.

The purpose of the coaching sessions is to provide personalised support, accountability and feedback to ensure you get the most out of your learning. Each coaching session will have a specific agenda focusing on your individual learning project and allowing time for questions, deeper exploration of class content and reflection on learning.

Are you an RTO or a university?

No. We have very purposefully not gone down this pathway so we can continue on focusing on the most up-to-date, industry relevant content and experiences – rather than being confined to some policies which in our opinion, don’t add value to our students.

If you’re looking for official accreditation though, please ask us about our partnerships.

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