Agile Leadership &
Project Management

Maximise performance, innovation and business speed.

Agile Leadership &
Project Management

Maximise performance,
innovation and business speed.

Drive operational excellence

Course overview

Agile methodology has been proven to foster best possible outcomes in countless tech-driven organisations. Now, the smartest businesses and business leaders are taking these disciplines and utilising them for broader operational excellence through more effectively developing new products, executing project work and making better strategic decisions more quickly.

As established organisations continue to be challenged by start-ups from around the globe, and customers become more demanding thanks to greater choice and options than they’ve ever had, all organisations must develop their ability to quickly and effectively adapt if they’re going to survive and thrive into the future.

In this program you’ll develop the skills required to effectively execute agile methodologies to foster better project, product and business outcomes, as well as your ability to build a culture of adaptation and change within larger teams.

This program is proudly developed and delivered in partnership with The Agile Eleven.

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Who this is for

Career changers looking to move into a career of product ownership and leadership.

Directors and Heads of Departments looking to foster agility, adaptation and innovation across teams.

Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to create a business capable of thriving in the modern economy.

Promotion seekers looking to position themselves as high-performers in-line with the ‘new ways of work’.

What you'll learn

Get a business education that is useful, relevant and real.

Iterate, improve, innovate

Build the mindset and skills to foster continuous improvement in all business functions.

Execute like the best

Develop the critical skills required to execute key business functions in the fast-paced digital economy.

Maximise business results

Build high performing teams that deliver outstanding project and business outcomes.

The curriculum

In line with the insights and expertise of our industry partners The Agile Eleven, we’ve created an intensive program that provides you the support, frameworks and guidance you need to successfully lead agile projects, teams and businesses.

Develop the practical skills required to design and implement agile methodologies which support you, your team and your organisation in achieving business success in the fast-paced, hyper-competitive modern economy.

1. Agile fundamentals & application

Understand ‘agile’ and how to apply it
Compare project management styles
Master organisational agility
Understand scrums, Kanban and other methods

2. Shaping a team & project

Purpose, vision and values to drive performance
Effectively set and prioritise team objectives
Project performance and control measures
Develop financial projections and forecasts

3. Agile project management - practises & procedures

How to use visual management techniques
‘Meetings’, ‘stand-ups’ and other tactics
Fostering and deploying ‘sprint’ approaches
Deploy supporting technologies and approaches

4. Coaching session

Touch base with your instructor to discuss your course progress, and to fully understand how to apply the learning materials in way that ensures successful outcomes.

5. Driving feedback & continuous improvement

The role and power of the ‘retrospective’
Utilise ‘Improvement Kata’ to achieve goals
Feedback loops and supporting culture
Responding and adapting to project data

6. Relationships & customer centricity

Articulate a personal leadership framework
Design stakeholder management frameworks
Deploy customer-obsessed approaches
Effective stakeholder management

7. Fostering useful business innovation

‘Lean Start-up’ and ‘Lean Canvas’
Lean portfolio management approaches
Evaluate, learn from and handover projects
Foresight and futures thinking

8. Pitch & present

Present your individual project to the group, showcasing the knowledge and skills you’ve learned throughout the course.


Study your way

Our courses use a collaborative learning framework geared to the modern learner. Human connection, online materials and highly-engaging, outcome focused everything.

1-day Bootcamp

17 May 2019

1-day interactive workshop
Learn the fundamentals
Facilitated by experienced agile coach
Applied learning approach
Practical tools and templates


7-week Course

4 September 2019

6 x interactive workshops
1:1 coaching session
Online learning content
Applied practical project
Pitch and present session


For Teams

Any time

1 or 3 day workshops
Contextualised to your business
Facilitated by experienced agile coach
Applied learning approach
Practical tools and templates

Contact for pricing


The Agile Eleven

This course was proudly developed in partnership with The Agile Eleven, who use their knowledge of organisational development, and agile and lean methodologies to equip organisations, teams and people with the ability to move quickly and easily, to constantly innovate and deliver customer value, to respond effectively to change and to be prepared for the workplace of the future.

Connect with the Program Manager
(03) 9088 8011


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What support do I get?

Beyond a dedicated instructor and program manager you can reach out to, and a small, curated cohort you’ll move through the course with, you’ll be part of a community of like-minded individuals that is thousands strong! Upon completion of the course, you’ll also become a part of our alumni, who receive facilitated introductions to industry, and invitations to events and networking opportunities.

What do I get by completing the course?

We provide certification that you have completed the program which you can proudly display on your resume, LinkedIn or anywhere else. However, this in our opinion is only the smallest part. By completing the program you’ll be developing a capability which will take your career further and move you closer to achieving your goals.

If you’re interested in official accreditation speak to us about our university partnerships.

How do the coaching sessions work?

Coaching sessions are arranged between the course instructor and the participant for times and dates that are mutually convenient. Coaching may take place over the phone, by video call or in person, depending on the preferences and location of each party.

The purpose of the coaching sessions is to provide personalised support, accountability and feedback to ensure you get the most out of your learning. Each coaching session will have a specific agenda focusing on your individual learning project and allowing time for questions, deeper exploration of class content and reflection on learning.

Are you an RTO or a university?

No. We have very purposefully not gone down this pathway so we can continue on focusing on the most up-to-date, industry relevant content and experiences – rather than being confined to some policies which in our opinion, don’t add value to our students.

If you’re looking for official accreditation though, please ask us about our partnerships.

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