November 11, 2018 platoproject

More mindful, entrepreneurial leaders in 2019

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We’re on a mission to help people the navigate emerging needs of the modern economy. That means building up the capabilities that are essential for success in today’s business environment:

  • Mindful leadership
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Customer-centric design

If you’re like most people, these core capabilities weren’t covered when you went to university. Yet, they are fundamental in modern business.

Expand your skill set with a Plato Project workshop. Check out the 2019 calendar (pdf) and join us for a workshop next year.

Grow capability in your team or organisation

Empower your people with a Plato Project team workshop. In addition to our public courses, we have developed a series of workshops to help teams grow modern business capability and new ways of thinking.

Choose from 13 applied learning workshops, which can be run in 1 or 3 day formats, or combined to create a longer, tailored development program.

Team workshop topics

If you organise a team workshop to run before Christmas, and you’ll get two free tickets for a bootcamp in 2019.

Why not pilot an initiative now and hit the new year running?

Get in touch to find out more.

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