‘Getting Shit Done’ with Adam Jelic of Mi Goals

August 10, 2017
August 10, 2017 platoproject

‘Getting Shit Done’ with Adam Jelic of Mi Goals

It’s the beginning of the year, and the momentum is high. Everyone we know is setting New Year’s resolutions and creating new habits with the hope that a fresh start will change their old ways. Before we know it, it’s February, and our motivation has waned – sound familiar?


Meet Mi Goals, a Melbourne-based inspirational stationery brand, empowering people to set meaningful goals that they will stick to and achieve.


Mi Goals started as a side project, and was created by Adam Jelic who came up with the idea  as a result of being frustrated with the fact he couldn’t find any products on the market to help him set his goals and get shit done. “I was after an aesthetically pleasing planner that would help me set my goals and keep me motivated all year round.” says Adam, reflecting on his frustration at the time. “I had a daily planner, a separate notebook for my notes and then I was writing my goals on scrap bits of paper, I just wanted everything to be in one well-designed book”. Adam set about turning his goals into reality.

It was an idea Adam had been thinking about for years; he finally decided to take action and reached out to high-school friend and graphic designer Alec Kach to help him create the Mi Goals diary. “I remember Adam showing me his mocked-up version of the Mi Goals diary”, says Alec. “He had typed it up on Microsoft Word and printed it out for me so that I could further understand the vision he had”. Alec is now the Creative Director and Co-Founder at Mi Goals.

From that moment it was all systems go. Adam wrote up a list of retailers he wanted the diary to be stocked in and would cold call each retailer to see if they would be interested in the Mi Goals diary. To his delight, the retailers loved the idea, and in 2010 the Mi Goals diary went to print and had 800 units stocked throughout 10 retailers Australia-wide.

Fast forward seven years and Mi Goals products are in over 250 retailers across Australia and New Zealand, with their range expanding to include different sized Notebooks, Progress Journals and Bucket List books. Since 2010, Mi Goals has helped hundreds of thousands of people to create a life they love and get shit done.

“Our goal is to build a global movement of empowered individuals living life on their terms. More people are becoming proud of their ambitions and aspirations in life, and our products are helping them turn their big dreams into actionable plans”, says Adam.

MiGoals_07 (1)

Adam and his team draw inspiration from products they wish existed in times they felt they needed guidance, which is why each product has a coaching element. By doing so, Mi Goals is striving to help people become the best version of themselves. “Too many people are living in the expectations of their friends, family and society. The average human lives for 28,000 days so we want to help people realise that they deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life. It’s never too late to get started on that passion project you’ve had circling in the back of your mind, or that goal you think is too big. We want to help people grow and get our of their comfort zone by trying new things that will help them find their purpose. We firmly believe that everyone has the power to create a life they love, and we have the tools to help get them there”.

Mi Goals has innovated the goal-setting process by ensuring each product has an immediate action plan with sections to reflect and monitor progress. “It’s important to pause and acknowledge how far you’ve come and see where you’re spending your time and energy. It also makes you accountable”. The Mi Goals logo is a progress bar which emphasises their focus on personal growth and development.

The unique layout of Mi Goals diaries features quotes to keep you motivated, space to set a key focus and goal for each week. There is also space to create and work on new habits with an explanation on how to use their diaries, so you maximise your use and ensure you get shit done.

Mi Goals community of doers are called Goal Diggers, a play on words from the Kanye West hit song which has inspired a new product they are launching on Kickstarter in September.

“We want to create a global movement of motivated individuals through a product that will help people find their purpose, create a vision for their lives and become the best version of themselves. We have spent months planning and developing this new product and feel it is our best work to date”.


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