Everyone can adopt an entrepreneurial mindset

We all have ideas. We all see opportunities. At heart, we all have the foundations of the entrepreneurial mindset. We just don’t always see ourselves that way, or realise that the entrepreneurial mindset is relevant even if you’re not starting your own business. The Harvard Business School definition of entrepreneurship is ‘the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled’. This is where the key challenge lies. The entrepreneurial mindset requires not just a great idea, but a willingness to take action. It means chasing down opportunities with a level of determination and creativity that overcomes the challenges and restrictions currently in.
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Vollie, a new way of volunteering

Vollie is a platform that matches a new breed of online volunteers to the amazing non-profits that need their help. Breaking the Mould is a new column looking at innovative ideas, disruptive start-ups and fresh approaches to entrepreneurship. In this first edition of the column, The Dialogue looks at the ground-breaking start-up, Vollie. We know that young people are motivated by purpose. Millennials want to do good in the world but sometimes the barriers to traditional volunteering are set too high. Writer Olivia Gibson explores Matthew Boyd’s proposed solution, an online platform that links the services of skilled millennials with.
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Business education needs a rethink.

There is a real need for better integration between business and education, especially if the next generation of entrepreneurs is to meet the environmental and social challenges that face the world. There is general awareness that education and business need to be better integrated, and that at tertiary level many business schools impart theoretical knowledge that has limited application when graduates get their first jobs. Writing in The Australian recently, John H Howard, adjunct professor at the University of Technology Sydney’s business school, put forward the opinion that things are actually improving. “With increasing revenues and the emergence of multiple objectives.
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The whole-of-life approach to success.

Creative mentor Jo-Anne Hook asks if we need a new metaphor for work–life balance. Jo-Anne Hook is a creative mentor, life designer and holistic coach. With the rich modalities of neuro-linguistic programming and design thinking behind her, Jo has collaborated with hundreds of driven individuals – designers, architects, therapists and communicators of many kinds. In this regular Total Living column, Jo will give us insights into the conundrums that make us all human, and musings on how to understand ourselves better. Every day I meet designers, entrepreneurs and business people, all creative thinkers who are questioning the way we define.
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Nick Dilodovico with a smile

Nick Di’Lodovico: ‘What I’ve learned about diversity and inclusion.’

Nick Di’Lodovico is senior manager of Talent Development and Diversity at REA Group. In our inaugural What I’ve Learned column, Nick shares what he has come to know about diversity and inclusion at work. There are an enormous number of factors that go into creating the conditions for diversity and inclusion in a workplace or industry. A notable factor I have been focused on this year is unconscious bias or implicit thinking. It is talked about a lot among organisations, but I don't think people necessarily understand the complexity and time it takes to properly unpick unconscious or implicit thinking..
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With Jacky Winter director Jeremy Wortsman.

In this regular column, What I'm Reading, The Dialogue asks inspiring entrepreneurs and business people to share what’s sitting on their bedside table or at the top of their podcast list. Originally from New York City, Jeremy Wortsman is the founding director of the Jacky Winter Group, a leading creative agency based in Melbourne. Beginning in 2007 as an illustration agency representing 12 artists, Jacky Winter now offers a full range of services including photography, typography and environmental design. “For us, there’s nothing greater than showcasing the 100-plus artists on our books and helping them earn a commercial livelihood,” Wortsman.
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‘I want a future where fifty percent of leadership roles are held by women.’

In this new column, Into the Future, we ask entrepreneurs, business people and thought leaders to share their big-picture visions for the coming world. Gemma Munro, CEO of Inkling Women, wants to see progress on the push for gender diversity. Just for a moment, imagine a world where 50 per cent of leadership roles worldwide were held by women. A surfeit of research suggests that gender-equal leadership would result in significantly greater collaboration, compassion, innovation, performance and sustainability. There would be more listening and less posturing. More participation and less hierarchy. Better long-term decision-making, reduced turnover and far greater employee.
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Maintaining your health and wellbeing as a founder

In what is the era of the entrepreneur, we often tend to glorify the founder, their success and their lifestyle. What’s becoming increasingly clear, however, is that the entrepreneurial life- especially in the earliest stages of a start-ups existence- is anything but glorious. _______ This is an adapted version of an excerpt from Plato Project's Mindful Leadership unit. _______ Despite the presence of these constant challenges, attending to one's health and wellbeing should still be of primary importance. Many organisations are embracing the benefits of health and wellbeing initiatives for employees, resulting in higher employee engagement, increased productivity and a thriving company culture..
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