June 27, 2018 platoproject

Dedicated to the pursuit of next

A culture of continuous learning and iteration is essential for organisations to thrive and expand. As Plato Project nears the two-year mark as a business, we continue to put that belief into practice, and keep our sights set on what comes next.

With this in mind, today we reveal a refreshed visual brand identity for Plato Project. It represents the collective learning from within Plato Project since it first formed and captures a sense of the direction we are headed. Importantly, our brand also strengthens and reaffirms the themes and beliefs that continue to hold true.

Here are some of the features of our refreshed brand and identity, and insight into the thinking behind it.

Plato Project is the global network of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders dedicated to the pursuit of next.

One of the first things you might notice, is that we describe ourselves as a network and no longer as a school. This accurately reflects our belief that traditional, top-down approaches to learning don’t work. We believe that learning is a more organic activity with contributions made from peers, mentors, coaches, instructors and across all settings including the classroom, online and the workplace.

Co-founder and Executive Director Omar de Silva explains: “Learning happens through collective wisdom, shared experience and ongoing activity: what happens as part of the alumni is as important as what happens in the course.”

That’s why we don’t just teach a curriculum. We build up connections and mutually beneficial relationships so that learning and growth continues even when the workshops and classes come to an end. Learning never stops and a network is an intentional word to describe something that is alive, connected, with information constantly flowing between each member.

We have also added global into the mix, reflecting our aspiration to expand the Plato Project footprint beyond Australia.

We equip the world’s most ambitious business talent with the understanding, mindset and capability to constantly strive in their pursuit of next – to do better and be better.

The concept of “next” is a new theme that comes to the fore. It’s an acknowledgement that learning is an ongoing pursuit, and a reminder to individuals and organisations not to sit idle.

The World Economic Forum’s report on Accelerating Workforce Re-skilling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution advocates that “there is a need to understand and change the culture of learning and establish learning as a continuous and lifelong process.” This mindset is what will enable us to be successful as we enter an era of massive technological change.

We spend a lot of our time thinking about the future of work and what individuals and organisations will need to be successful in the future. With rapid changes in technology, business models, and culture, the way we work is undergoing a massive shift. it is more important that ever for individuals and organisations to find a purpose that drives them forward and enables them to forge new paths towards a better future.

Plato Project CEO Elissa Newall explains that there isn’t one road to better. “When we talk about being better, it’s a very personal definition not a wholesale standard that has to be met. We support individuals to achieve their own version of success, to drive their own careers and reach their own personal goals.”

Everything we do is underpinned by our belief in mindfulness, purpose-driven business and entrepreneurial spirit.

When it comes to what we do, and how we work, not much has changed from when the business first started. Mindfulness, purpose-driven business and the entrepreneurial spirit remain core pillars, and for good reason:


The modern economy demands clarity of thought, and requires us to make decisions that lead us into the future we want to see eventuate. A powerful sense of self-awareness and a commitment to mindful approaches in all we do enables the greatest chance for this to occur.

Entrepreneurial spirit

When you shift the focus of entrepreneurship away from venture creation, and towards creative approaches to problem solving you uncover a mindset that is accessible to all. The future requires people to overcome complex challenges to create their own opportunities, and the entrepreneurial spirit is about having the resilience, flexibility and creativity to do so.

Purpose-driven business

Individuals, teams and organisations flourish as a result of meaningful alignment between personal and professional values, beliefs and ideals. Through a purposeful approach to business, we can unlock better outcomes across social, environmental, self and financial measures.

These values continue to underpin our work, and we acknowledge the large community of friends, alumni, partners and fans who joined on this journey from the very beginning.

Plato Project co-Founder and Executive Director reflects on the many connections made “with those most deeply aligned in our way of thinking, in our sense of purpose and in our ambitions. It’s something which we are all very proud of and grateful for, as it has allowed us to grow into a business which is known.”

This next refinement of our brand aims to help us connect with a broader audience, with individuals and organisations who don’t yet realise the benefits of these core values. This is where we have the biggest potential to impact individuals and business outcomes. It has been important to illustrate the link between our core values and the broader conversation  about the future of work, and building capability that helps organisations succeed in the modern economy.

The brandmark, palette and visual language

For those interested in the symbolism and meaning behind the refreshed visual style, we are keen to share the thinking that has gone into everything you see today:

The brandmark remains with the iconic pilcrow symbol you may already be familiar with. The pilcrow is a paragraph marker, representing the start of a new thought or idea.

The colour palette transforms the previous watermelon and blue combination to deeper red and blue tones. This is a visual cue to signal the strength of the Plato Project offering and make it clear that our courses are hard-hitting and relevant to a wider audience than we have engaged previously.

The imagery has shifted to show pictures of people in their workplace instead of in workshops or classes. We are and have always been primarily concerned with outcomes and wanted to give more focus to the real work environment: collaborating, thinking, creating and leading.

The shapes and patterns have been introduced to illustrate versatility and acknowledge that capabilities are building blocks that you can use to create your individual path to success. There is no one-size-fits-all way to learn or to define success.

The typography has become more bold, placing our bold thoughts and ideas front and centre in everything we share. We have and will continue to have a distinctive voice.

Bringing it all to life

Over the coming days and weeks, we will be refreshing all of the different Plato Project touchpoints and materials. You may have already noticed the new website and socials, and while we work through everything else we ask for your considered feedback on what you see.

“One of the important features of a network is communication, and we truly value the thoughts, ideas and inputs from our friends and members of the broader Plato Project community,” says Elissa Newall, Plato Project’s CEO.

Don’t be shy! Send your thoughts and comments to marketing@theplatoproject.com.

Finally, we are hosting a very special event on 12 July to celebrate the Plato Project network and provide an opportunity for alumni, students, instructors, industry partners, staff and clients to reconnect. Join us for an evening of networking, an inspiration fix and some giveaways. Register via Eventbrite.

PS – If you’re new to Plato Project or considering one of our courses, you are welcome to come along too. It’s a great chance to learn more about what makes us tick, and meet the like-minded, amazing people we work with.

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