We offer business
education that is useful,
relevant and real.


We offer business education that is useful, relevant and real.

The pursuit of next

Plato Project is the global network of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders dedicated to the pursuit of next.

We empower the world’s most ambitious business talent with a modern business education, enabling them to reach their potential through the alignment of purpose and profit.

In our pursuit of next, we’re building new learning experiences – without the boundaries of convention – to help you answer the ever-evolving challenges of contemporary business. We empower you to do better and be better.

Be it through leadership, innovation or entrepreneurship, we equip talent with the understanding, mindset and capability to constantly strive in their pursuit of next – to successfully make the most of every opportunity and make every opportunity matter

Our story

Our directors have created some of Australia’s most iconic and innovative organisations, including Moonlight Cinema, Smiling Mind and Australia’s first B-Corp certified property development group, Neometro.

They’ve also been instrumental in modernising education, establishing Australia’s first bachelor degrees in Applied Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, as well as developing industry leading organisations such as Builders Academy and VetTrak.

At Plato Project, we’re committed to delivering courses that enable entrepreneurs, business leaders, and changemakers to thrive and succeed in the modern economy.

Our pillars

A new business model, formed around purposeful business and meaningful work, requires a new approach to business education.


Rather than an insatiable appetite for money and risk, entrepreneurial spirit is instead an attitude and approach. One which can be cultivated by all.


Our immersive approach connects the diverse experiences of peers, experts and mentors to help you learn and succeed in the future of work.


We offer business education that is useful, relevant and real by engaging with industry leaders that practice, test and refine their entrepreneurial and leadership skills on the ground, in the business trenches, every day.


Life and work are one, and it’s only through finding our individual passions that we can both operate at our peak and stay within the upper band of our potential for happiness.


Great leaders and organisations are the result of sustained performance, astute understanding of themselves and their surrounds, and the ability to consistently make the best possible decisions.