emerging needs
and thrive in the
modern economy

emerging needs
and thrive
in the modern

Plato Project is a new business school.
We teach the things you didn’t learn at university,
empowering you to meet the emerging needs of the modern economy.

Entrepreneurship, purpose, innovation, mindful leadership and customer-centric design are essential for success across the business landscape.
We grow these capabilities and help people achieve more successful and meaningful lives and careers.

Modern business education

Mindful leadership

Millennial workers have vastly different expectations to previous generations. Modern leadership requires working with purpose, inspiring teams through compelling vision and establishing high trust.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

High levels of competition, disruption and speed of technological development mean businesses need to continuously innovate and create new value for their customers.

Customer-centric design

Customers are empowered with unprecedented choice and information. Putting customers at the forefront of business strategy, product and experience is essential for staying relevant.

Contemporary learning experiences

We empower participants through an experiential learning model, where you learn by doing.

Courses that meet emerging
business needs

Highly relevant business education for sustained success in the modern economy.

Dynamic, collaborative

High impact education experiences characterised by storytelling, action-reflection and co-creation.

Led by entrepreneurs,
innovators and practitioners

Our workshop facilitators bring passion, authenticity and lived business experience to the room.

The way we work, the skills we need to thrive in our jobs
and the trajectories of our careers are rapidly evolving.
These changes... are significantly altering the skills
demanded by the labour market.

World Economic Forum, Accelerating Workforce Reskilling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2017

10-day Mindful Leadership
email series

Command-and-control leadership was dead a long time ago. Today’s organisations require leaders who are self-aware and practice empathy.

Get an introduction to mindful leadership with Plato Project’s 10-day email series, and learn new approaches that you can apply right away.

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