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The Plato Project fosters entrepreneurship and business leadership driven by both financial and social value.

We deliver tailored business education programs for organisations and teams, fostering the capabilities that enable purpose and success in the modern economy. We build our programs with industry leading brands to ensure real-world relevance. We believe in a new approach to business and thus a new approach to business education.

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Industry Partners

We capture the insights and expertise of our market-leading industry partners to deliver programs that address and enhance the relevant skills and capabilities needed for business success.

Our purpose
We’re part of a movement that believes in a new approach to business.

Individuals are embarking on entrepreneurial journeys at unprecedented levels whilst those within the corporate world seek meaningful work.

A new business model, formed around purposeful business and meaningful work, requires a new approach to business education.

We're at the forefront of this change.

Our approach


We are online and on campus. Our online materials help individuals learn in their own particular way. Our face to face community, lecture and workshop series enable people to meet, learn and collaborate with the best thought leaders.


We don’t believe in one size fits all. Especially when it comes to education. Our offerings are designed for individuals to address those capability gaps most relevant to achieving their goals. Nothing more, nothing less.


We have brought together many amazing minds to a develop a unique pedagogical approach. We have a singular focus on fostering genuine capability development, to help move our students tangibly closer to achieving their goals.

About us

Our directors have created some of Australia’s most iconic and innovative organisations, including Moonlight Cinema, Smiling Mind and Australia’s first B-Corp Certified property development group, Neometro.

They’ve also been instrumental in modernising education, establishing Australia’s first bachelor degrees in Applied Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, as well as developing industry leading organisations such as Builders Academy and Lennox College.

This combination of experience, expertise and our purpose-driven approach to business allows Plato Project to be at the forefront of the inevitable change in business education.

" Plato Project is a new business school that gives you the capabilities you need, when you need them "

- Omar de Silva, CEO

Who we’re for

We’re here to form the next generation of business leaders. We are educators, mentors, facilitators of connection. Working with the self-aware, the globally focused. The creatively driven entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders forming our future.

A business leader seeking to unlock peak-peformance within their organisation, an entrepreneur with a game-changing idea or a or a corporate leader seeking more. We’re for them and their pursuit of goals, their striving to flourish.

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