A New Business School.

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A New Business School

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The Plato Project fosters entrepreneurship and business leadership driven by both financial and social value.

We deliver ‘stackable’ education programs, providing you the capabilities you need to thrive and succeed in the modern economy. We build our programs with industry leading organisations to ensure real-world relevance.

We believe in a new approach to business and thus a new approach to business education.


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The Dialogue is a new business publication and event series.

Thought leadership

We foster serious and meaningful conversations, to enable and support purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders.


We publish the news, personal insights and experiences of proven entrepreneurs, business leaders and industry experts.


Our event series fosters community engagement whilst providing Academy students and alumni the chance to work with their peers.

  • About us

    At The Plato Project, we believe the future of business success lies in marrying passion with purpose. Individuals who find and develop their vision of the world through a purpose driven business model will thrive.

    It’s not about compromising financial success; it’s about shifting the entrepreneurial paradigm, envisioning a future where business success isn’t measured by financial metrics alone but, instead, where a business’s power lies in its ability to balance financial, social and ethical behaviours.

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Industry Partners

We capture the insights and expertise of our market-leading industry partners to deliver programs that address and enhance the relevant skills and capabilities needed for business success.


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