Our pillars

We’re part of a movement that believes in a new approach to business. Individuals are embarking on entrepreneurial journeys at unprecedented levels whilst those within the corporate world seek meaningful work.

We believe that individuals and organisations that discover and develop their vision of the world through purpose-driven business models will thrive.

A new business model, formed around purposeful business and meaningful work, requires a new approach to business education.

At the Plato Project, we’ve created the New Business School around six pillars.


Great leaders and organisations are the result of sustained performance, astute understanding of themselves and their surrounds, and the ability to consistently make the best possible decisions. Being mindful in all we do sustainably enables this at both personal and organisational levels.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Rather than an insatiable appetite for money and risk, entrepreneurial spirit is instead an attitude and approach. One which can be cultivated by all. To remain forever curious, optimistic and creative in our thinking. To challenge the status-quo, to strive for new possibilities, new value and new solutions.

Purpose Driven Business

For us, the definition of business success sees strong, defined and measurable financial profits inextricably linked to social, community and environmental outcomes.

Global Citizenship

We are part of a big, connected and fast global community. With this comes exciting opportunity and with opportunity comes responsibility. Expand your horizons and make the world your business.


Life and work are one and it is only through finding our individual passions that we can both operate at our peak and stay within the upper band of our potential for happiness.

Growth Mindset

Through concerted effort to understand ourselves, thrive in challenge and stay future-focused; entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership – amongst all other capabilities – can be cultivated within us all.

Our Team

Omar de Silva

Omar is a co-founder and CEO of the Plato Project. With a proven track record in investment and venture development, Omar has spent the last 7 years focussed on positively disrupting the business education sector.

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James Tutton

James is a co-founder of the Plato Project. Leveraging his experiences from establishing Moonlight Cinemas and Smiling Mind, as well as his portfolio of non-executive cross-sectoral positions, James has now set his sights on the education sector.

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Mark McCoach

Mark is a co-Founder of the Plato Project and the director of Education Co, our joint venture partner. Education Co is a strategic assembly of companies innovating the education landscape to deliver tangible outcomes through technology.

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Fiona Meldrum

Fiona is the head of marketing for the Plato Project. With strong experience and an entrepreneurial flair, Fi has the ability to connect brand with people in a meaningful, respectful and valuable manner.

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Our approach

We offer business education programs that are useful, relevant and real by engaging with industry leaders and visionary organisations that practice, test and refine their entrepreneurial and leadership skills on the ground, in the business trenches, every day.

We work with brilliant and bold minds to restructure academic and instructional content that already exists into philosophically aligned and accessible programs. We add value to existing content by providing a robust and engaging framework for delivering and sharing this content with the world.

At the Plato Project, we’re committed to developing an exciting, dynamic resource to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, business leaders and the wider community.

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